8x8 Paint Pour Canvases


All 8x8 canvases were created in 2021 by Dee JLC. They are original paintings, paint pours to be exact. The canvases do not have a specific names, as the artist wants the viewer to see what they see and create names for the pieces on their own. Art is subjective, we all view creative pieces differently.

Tempera paint was used to create the whimsical design and then it was covered with polyurethane to ensure the painting withstands the test of time. The title card for each piece is shown after the painting itself. Please specify which piece you wish to order.

For more DJLC Originals, make sure to follow DJLC Entertainment on Facebook and YouTube, Dee JLC's Instagram's is @dorothyjlc1977. You can also find more unique pieces at Society6.com/djlcentertainment and of course at DJLCEntertainmentArt.com.

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